OUTLAST… Responsibly

We created OUTLAST as a way for serious and casual adult sports fans to add a fun new dimension to the joy of sports. We’re here to have some fun, not to see anyone turn into Adam Sandler in that Kevin Garnett movie.

OUTLAST DFS is committed to providing a safe way to play Daily Fantasy Sports, so we are proud to offer a series of app settings and support resources to help ensure people enjoy playing in a healthy and responsible manner.

Our Commitment To Safe Play:

  • We prevent play by underage persons
  • We use geolocation resources to limit play to states where Daily Fantasy Sports are legal
  • We give players the ability to set daily, weekly, and monthly deposit limits
  • We give players the ability to set time limits and self-appointed app lock-outs
  • While we promote play and special events, we never promise or imply a greater chance of winning
  • We proactively share signs of dangerous play with all registered players multiple times a year

If you are experiencing or doing any of the following, stop playing and ask for help:

  • Feeling despondent, hopeless, depressed, or suicidal over the amount you’re playing, an inability to stop playing, or any losses you’ve had
  • Playing more often or playing larger sums in order to recoup previous losses
  • Skipping out on work, family, or other activities you should be at in order to play and track games
  • The inability to reduce the amount you’re playing, or stop altogether for an extended period of time
  • Borrowing money to play
  • Selling personal property in order to gain money to play
  • Lying about the amount of time or money you spend on games

If you or someone you know has a problem with compulsive play, please call 1-800-426-2537 or visit www.800gambler.org, or 1-800-522-4700 or visit ncpgambling.org.

There are resources and people who can provide assistance, intervention, and treatment suggestions.