Three Fun Ways To Enjoy the Game More

OUTLAST features 3 signature DFS igames:

Survivor Pool, DFS’ only over/under survivor pool
OUTLAST PURSE, a traditional golf pool, with public and private pool options

Multipliers are subject to change. The app always displays the current multipliers.

Over / Under

  1. Pick your sport
  2. Pick the games you’re interested in
  3. Choose “Over” or “Under” on a player’s projected stats
  4. If you choose incorrectly, the game is over and you forfeit your entry
  5. If you get 3 picks in a row correct – BOOM! – you can claim your winnings…or keep playing
  6. Keep Playing and toll the winnings forward for a chance to win 20 times your entry fee or 50 if you hit the 7-win max!
  7. Or select all 7 picks at once for a chance to win 80x your entry fee!
  8. All winnings are credited to your account, which you can claim prize at any time (Just remember, if you get a pick wrong while you’re playing, you forfeit all the winnings you’ve earned during that game!)

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Survivor Pool

  1. Pick your pool size and entry fee
  2. Pick the games you’re interested in and Choose “Over” or “Under” on TWO players’ projected stats each day
  3. If you choose incorrectly, your pool is over and you’re eliminated
  4. If you get your TWO picks right, you stay alive and and move on to the next day, where you will choose TWO new picks*
  5. You keep playing each day for a chance to claim the entry fees left behind by all the Players who got knocked out along the way by their incorrect picks
  6. We have 3 payout structures to choose from:
    1. Winner Takes All
    2. 50/50 Winner Takes Most: top half of the pool gets their entry fee back, last entry standing wins the rest
    3. Tiered: a traditional tier payout structure in descending order

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Daily Fantasy’s ONLY
Over/Under Survivor Pool!

*A player who forgets or fails to make any picks once they’ve advanced in the pool is considered eliminated and forfeits their entry fee and pool winnings


This is an easy way to turn every golf tournament into major fun – and you can even host your own private pools commission-free.

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