OUTLAST Daily Fantasy Sports:
Bersin’ Onto the DFS Scene

Dreamed up by former Carolina Panthers receiver Brenton Bersin and co-founder/financial whiz Ehimere Etomi, OUTLAST DFS was created to bring the fun of daily fantasy sports to a wider audience of adult sports fans who find the current DFS choices to be too complicated, too time consuming, or just too intimidating and intense.

We’re fans of the Big Two apps, and you’ll find them on a lot of our team members’ phones. But we wanted to create a different and simpler DFS experience – a game you’ll enjoy playing if you know what the Bulls’ starting lineup is right now, or if the only Bulls players you know at all are Pippen, Rodman, and the GOAT. 

If your sports action history is limited to filling out a basketball bracket and buying a square in a football game once a year…you’re going to enjoy the ease, fun, and better payouts of the OUTLAST games

If you’re a seasoned sports fan enjoying this golden age of DFS…you’re going to enjoy the ease, fun, and better payouts of the OUTLAST games

We offer three games to play: OUTLAST Over/Under, OUTLAST Survival Pool, and PURSE (click to learn more about each game)

Board of Directors

Brenton Bersin

Ehimere Etomi

Ehimere Etomi

Stephan Looney

Stephan Looney

Fran Kopittke

Scott Ladner

Scott Ladner

Founding Investors

Mackenzie Hughes


Wil Myers

San Diego Padres

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