Retired NFL Wide Receiver Launches New App

Outlast’s Trio of Games Features Daily Fantasy Sport’s First Over/Under Survival Pool

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 30, 2021) – A Charlotte-based startup led by retired Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Brenton Bersin is launching a new Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) application, “Outlast™ Daily Fantasy Sports,” this week. With football in full swing, baseball headed to the playoffs, golf back on the green, and the start of hockey and basketball just weeks away, the new app gives fans an easy, commitment-free way to take part in the DFS phenomenon without worrying about season-long rosters, salary caps or the seasoned sharks that often score the biggest wins in other apps.

“Our goal is to open the world of daily fantasy sports to a wider range of sports fans,” Bersin, Outlast co-founder, said. “I noticed many of my friends liked the thrill of having a fantasy team or filling in a basketball bracket, but then avoided the big daily fantasy sports apps because they thought it was too complicated, time consuming and didn’t want to have to compete against expert players. So, we designed our app and games to be more accessible and customizable to individual playing preferences,” he continued. 

Bersin is a six-year NFL veteran, an entrepreneur and currently working towards his MBA at the Kelley School of Business. In addition to Bersin, app founder, “Outlast” is run by a team of technical and business experts, including co-founder Ehimere Etomi, a financial analyst and UNC-Chapel Hill economics graduate. Current and former professional athletes, including the PGA TOUR’s Mackenzie Hughes and Major League Baseball’s Wil Myers, are founding investors in the company. 

The app is available as a free download in Apple’s App Store and at for Android users. To celebrate the launch, “Outlast” is offering a 100 percent match on new accounts, up to $200 per person. 

44 states, including North Carolina and Florida, currently permit daily fantasy sports for people 18 and up. Unlike sports betting, daily fantasy sports are defined as games of skill, not chance. Instead of playing season-long competitions like traditional fantasy football leagues, “Outlast” lets players play games that are decided in as little as a single day:

  • Outlast’s primary game is a solo “Over/Under” challenge where people compete against themselves. They pick a sport, specific games and then determine whether athletes will perform better or worse than expert projections. If the person makes three correct picks, they can claim their prize or roll their earnings forward in an attempt to escalate their winnings. 
  • “Outlast Survivor Pool” is daily fantasy sports first and only over/under survivor pool where you compete against other players in the pool size and entry fee of your choice.
  • “Outlast Purse” (Coming soon) is a weekly golf pool with options to play against the public or to plan and play in private pools managed commission-free by Outlast. 

The “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports” team plans to grow its audience through an affiliate program that awards commissions based on sign-ups. There are no sign-up fees, financial commitments or registration quotas/goals to be an “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports” affiliate. The program is open to individuals, sports bars, breweries, restaurants, clubs and more.  

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About Outlast™ Daily Fantasy Sports

Brenton Bersin, a former Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver, and a team of experts developed “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports” to open the world of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) gaming to novice players while entertaining hardcore DFS fans. The app is approved for use in 19 states and is available now for download. “OUTLAST Daily Fantasy Sports” features an easy and pro mode with three games, including the first over/under survival pool game in DFS gaming. An affiliate program is open to individuals, sports bars, breweries, restaurants, clubs and more. The app was developed by Let It Ride Sports, LLC.

“Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports” is legal for US citizens 18+ (19+ where required) living in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Users will be required to provide valid identification when registering, and the app is supported with geolocation software to ensure proper usage. 

Customer security is provided by Experian, and “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports” is also partnered with the industry’s leading merchant providers, PaySafe and WorldPay, and SportsDataIO.

For more information about “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports,” please visit